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Stormcloaks are often biased and show little knowledge about the lore (or they actually know about it and just refuse to accept the facts) and most rebels show a lack of observation skill, making superficial analysis about very complex things (sometimes more complex than they look). The Stormcloak bible is a great example of this (if not THE BEST example) and in these posts I plan to refute some (if not most) of the statements shown there (I do not plan to refute all points because I am not a know everything cunt. Of course somethings there may be true).

In the first part of this “bible” (…), the author makes very a superficial analysis of arguments often used by supporters of the empire, so lets take a look at this:

Well, I am not going to talk about the PAST, but about the PRESENT (or at least about events that did not happen on a distant past, like the Great War), so I will not talk about his statements about Tiber’s empire, but about Titus’s empire. The author says “The Empire is dying. They have Cyrodiil, High Rock and half of Skyrim. If they won, how would security in their Empire be any better, when they can’t even prevent a bandit uprising within the very heart of their establishment when there wasn’t a civil war?” well, this must be why there is law and order on imperial controlled provinces… while on Windhelm there is a murderer rampaging and the guards do not know what to do. Also what he says about the security in the empire does not make sense because Skyrim is the only province with the resources that keep the empire standing by now, and without this civil war the empire would be able to use these resources with the purpose of rebuilding the empire, not spending them against a bunch of stuck up barbarians. Also it is not that surprising that there was a bandit uprising in the heart of the empire, since the empire had just started to rebuild itself after the end of the Great War (when the capital was nearly destroyed). And I really do not get his point about Valga: she says “I escaped fighting in Cyrodiil only to have it track me down again in Skyrim.”… and what? Only because one individual does not have the best life possible it does not mean a whole province or a whole empire will surely die.

And those that joined the imperials and talked to Tullius may have reached the point of Tullius telling you why he had his request from reinforcements denied by the emperor: sending reinforcements to Skyrim would, obviously, reduce the amount of leggionaires in Cyrodiil. The emperor was worried about what the Thalmor could do while the capital was vulnerable like that. It has nothing to do with the issue with The Pale pass and it does not show any signo f weakness of lack of interest from the empire.

Now we get to his points about the best chance for a victory over the Thalmor on a future war. In the first paragraph he talks about the redguards… and acts like if they would signifficantly increase the chance of  na imperial victory over the Thalmor, but that is not the case as numbers do not win wars by themselves. And i fone talks about how the redguards “defeated” the Thalmor after the emperor left Hammerfell: The conflicts between the redguards and the dominion only ended with a PEACE TREATY and after the Thalmor left Hammerfell, the entire province became devasted and diminished EVEN IF THE THALMOR ONLY MANAGED TO INVADE IT’S SOUTHERN REGION, wich means the redguards were at the same level or even below the level of the Thalmor ((because a whole province was not able to fully take down an aldmeri army in FIVE years and even had a little help from the Bretons of High Rock, while THREE imperial armies were barely able to defeat Naarifin’s army). “But the Aldmeri Forces in Hammerfell were exausted when it happened” sure, but Hammerfell, altough independant, also became a devastated nation (as I said before). Without mentioning that the redguards fought that army to a standstill (without any progress) while the war was still goin on on most of southern Hammerfell, so the redguards definitely did NOT defeat the Dominion. And also just because Hammerfell is no longer na imperial province it does not mean the chances of it joining the empire against the Thalmor are low, having in mind how one can easily enter Hammerfell via southern Cyrodiil. If the empire begins to lose the war against the Dominion, Hammerfell will be at the Dominion’s backyard. So to say that “That’s going to be an issue when the Thalmor come to fight, because Hammerfell in an Empire Victory unless provoked will likely see no reason to help Cyrodiil if attacked” is nonsense.

Now lets take a look about what he says about a Stormcloak victory: it is true that Ulfric wants to fight the Thalmor, but this would be suicide. Why? Because the Stormcloaks SUCK on the battlefield. if one wants to make Skyrim militarily powerful, the army has to be organized, has no know how to use resources and know to make devent war strategies. And the Stormcloak army lacks all of these features: the soldiers of a single troop with a single objective are allowed to wear three very different types of helmet (some covering the faces, some not covering the faces) and use many different weapons (some use one handed weapons without a shield). Some weapons are better for certain situations, so a single troop should have at least similar equipment (this also shows that the Stormcloaks do not know how to use resources for the army). How can a troop be easily successful while being so unnorganized like this? And about the strategies: the Haafingar Stormcloak Camp is located between the Dragon Bridge (home to some of the Emperor’s personal body guards) and Solitude (the imperial capital in Skyrim), and is protected only by a small hill (and if you stand there you can see Solitude in the background). One can not be serious when saying that this is a good strategy (keeping wounded soldiers, making equipment and getting ready for battle right under the nose of the enemy). And even if the redguards joint hem on the future war, it is not gonna be a huge advantage: the reguards rarely use decent armor and are Always dual wielding (just look at the Alik’r warriors in TESV), all of this while the Thalmor Always wear armor and use shields to defend themselves. With a shield you can effectively defend yourself from any physical humano r elf made attack, but you can not do so with two swords. All of this without mentioning that the way that the stormcloaks think that Skyrim is for nords only will not help them to get help from the bretons and redguards.

Now we get to the cherry of the cake for this part: RACISM. One can easily see that he did NOT refute this imperial argument as he only made a superficial and nonsense analysis of how the empire treats different races… or better: how some individuals, and not the empire itself, treat other races and what TULLIUS thinks about the nordic CULTURE (like: really? He tried to say that the empire itself was racist by showing imperial INDIVIDUALS that were racista. Following this logic he should say that the Stormcloaks are surely racista only due to how Rolff Stone-Fist and Angrenor Once-Honored treat the dunmer in Windhelm). But do you know what is the worst parto f what Tullius said about Skyrim? It is actually true: if we take a look at the culture of the nords, there is a specific aspect that would turn Skyrim into a savage battlefield if their culture and their laws were the same thing, and that is the custom of “proving someone is wrong” by killing him/her in a “fair” duel. Lets just imagine how Skyrim would be if every single influential person tried to prove he/she is right by using the sword, not philosophy. There is nothing wrong in visiting the hall of the dead, for example, but “refuting” one’s points by killing the person in combat is nonsense (your physical abilities have nothing to do with your intelligence). And again: Tullius did not say that a nord is a barbarian simply for being a nord (because HELLO: Legate Rikke is a nord herself, and if Hadvar survives Tullius will be happy if you tell him that he survived, while calling Hadvar “a damn good soldier”).

Now lets talk about how the STORMCLOAKS treat non nords: have you ever heard of the Gray Quarter? Well, it is the only place in Windhelm where the dunmer are allowed to live (the High King gave it to the dunmer refugees, but he planned to obligate them to live there), and Ulfric barely looks at the place (what is revealed not only by the dunmer that live there, but also by the fact that it is a slum with terrible living conditions). Need more evidence for Ulfric being racist towards the dunmer? Okay, for this we can take a look at two of the dunmer of Windhelm: Feryl Atheron and Ambarys Rendar. Faryl works on a farm outside Windhelm's walls (again: outside Windhelm's walls) with the owner of the farm, the old nord lady Bolfrida Brandy-Mug, being his boss. While working there we can hear some interesting comments about his situation, such as "Of course working for Bolfrida isn't my first choice. But what else can a Dunmer do out here?", or even "Bolfrida is certainly grating, but she pays well. Thankfully nobody from the city can see me out here." (observation: remember about what the author of The Stormcloak Bible said about Ulfric letting Feryl work on that farm? Well, as this dialogue reveals: Ulfric does not, since he does not even know about it. And if Feryl is worried about getting caught while working for a nord it is because he would know he would be in trouble for obvious reasons). At this point we can see that Feryl is a very tough and hard working individual (as opposed to lazy drunk cunts like Rolff Stone-Fist), even working that hard twice per week what is already pretty damn hard and that he could easily be caught if he worked from Morndas to Fredas, but the fact is... where does Faryl live? You guessed it: IN THE GRAY QUARTER. You can find the Atheron Residence in the Gray Quarter where Faryl sleeps from 2am to 8am before going to work in Loredas and Sundas or going to the New Gnisis Cornerclub (the "inn" of the Gray Quarter) from Morndas to Fredas (source:…). Now about Ambarys: I know, he is a pretty damn racist individual (he does not care about the murders in Windhelm as long as a dunmer is not killed and dislikes when his fellow dunmer work for nords and due to this some dunmer even dislike him), but since he lives in the Gray Quarter we can use his comments about the conditions of the Quarter, and these are ""Things have been a lot worse around here since Ulfric took over." (while Ulfric is the jarl) and "At long last, Windhelm is free. No longer must we suffer persecution at the hands of Ulfric Stormcloak." if the imperials capture Windhelm. Like if that was not enough, he may even say "Well you see where we have to live. This forgotten alley. All the filth from the upper quarters flows downhill, like they say. Good luck getting one of the guards to help with anything. I tried to get Ulfric to even come down here to see the squalor, but the High Lord of His Mightiness couldn't find the time" (source:…). And having in mind how the dunmer there chose to work the way they can (be it on a farm that is out of the city or on a project of an inn) instead of stealing goods from wealthier individuals, to let them live on such conditions is a clear sign of racism and segragation. As if all of this was not enough even a non dunmer NPC, a bosmer called Malborn, can give us a clue. How? I do not wanna give many spoilers for those that did not complete the main quest, but Malborn basically helps you to infiltrate the Thalmor Embassy to get evidence about what the Thalmor know about the dragons. He eventually escapes with you but he can be killed by Thalmor guards or a frost troll (so not everyone knows how he can help us in this). Now to what really matters: if he survives he will relocate to the New Gnisis Cornerclub, to the Gray Quarter in Windhelm (as I show in my video "Free Tour of Windhelm",…, at 7:40). Now lets solve the puzzle: Malborn is an elf and an outsider in Windhelm. He had nothing left and he could have gone to Windhelm's Candlehearth Hall in order to live better while hiding from the Thalmor, but he actually goes to the Gray Quarrter, that is basically falling apart. One would clearly not choose to be on a place like that and therefore if the Stormcloaks were welcoming when he came into the city as an outsider with no future, he would certainly not be in the Gray Quarter (and if they think he could be a spy, they could keep him on a place were he would be constantly watched while living decently)... but he is there. Therefore the only conclusion is that the Stormcloaks, and with them Ulfric himself, did not accept him into the actual city and the Gray Quarter was the only option for him. So yeah: Ulfric is racist towards the dunmer and basically towards every elf of Windhelm. All of this without mentioning that the argonians that live in the docks only live in the docks because they are not allowed to live in the actual city (for being… well… argonians). Heck, if Ulfric is killed and Windhelm is taken by the imperials and you ask Scouts-Many-Marshes (an argonian in the docks) if he is glad that the Stormcloaks are gone, he will say “You have no idea. Did you know it was his decree that forbade the Argonians from living inside the city walls? I hope in his next life, he’s reborn as an Argonian forced to live in a slum because of some bigoted Nord dictator. I’m joking, of course, but I’m a lot happier seeing the Empire running things in Windhelm.” This fact is also revealed by Brunwulf Free-Winter when he says “Whenever a group of marauders attack a Nord village, Ulfric is the first to sound the horn and send the men. But a group of Dark Elf refugees gets ambushed? A group of Argonians, or a Khajiit caravan? No troops. No investigation. Nothing. There’s a group of cutthroats out there right now that Ulfric doesn’t lift a finger to bring to justice, as long as they don’t threaten Nord land”.

To close this thing: if one sides with the Stormcloaks, it is eighter due to intolerance, ignorance towards what they do and what they think or even wilful ignorance… or maybe due to their officer’s armor (lets face it: it does look badass). It may be even due to worshipping Talos, but HELLO: one can do it secretly. Talos is not parto f a religion with many rules that the believers must follow. You can hide your beliefs, but you can not hide your race.
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