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Stormcloaks are often biased and show little knowledge about the lore (or they actually know about it and just refuse to accept the facts) and most rebels show a lack of observation skill, making superficial analysis about very complex things (sometimes more complex than they look). The Stormcloak bible is a great example of this (if not THE BEST example) and in these posts I plan to refute some (if not most) of the statements shown there (I do not plan to refute all points because I am not a know everything cunt. Of course somethings there may be true).

In the third part of this “bible” (…), the author tries to prove that Skyrim can defend itself without the empire. Lets take a closer look at this.

First he says that the Thalmor can not reach Skyrim trough Morrowind and/or Hammerfell, what is actually true, and states that Thalmor armies are not allowed in imperial provinces and thus na invasion trough Cyrodiil would not be na option (funny how many people say that the empire is a puppet of the Thalmor while completely agree with The Stormcloak guy). However when imperial supporters talk about a war with the Thalmor, they talk about the day when the Empire and the Dominion will fight against each other once again (or when the empire gets wekned enough if the Stormcloaks win the Civil war), thus making his first paragraph a fallacy (fallacy of the straw man) since he distorted the position of imperial supporters.

Next he talks about the natural borders of Skyrim (“Now look at Skyrim’s natural barriers. Mountains. The worst kind. You cannot sustain a flow of troops and supplies through a mountain range. Not easily anyway. Couple that with the intense weather, and you have a complete supply chain disaster, easily cut off with avalanches, ambushes in the mountains, and already made impractical and long treks due to the mountains already”). Funny how he said that the “Skyrim can not defend itself” argument is silly while he thinks that mountains are great protectors of Skyrim’s borders. If this was true the empire would not send troops against the rebels so easily (and in Season Unending Tullius will say that The Rift will help to enforce the communications with Cyrodiil if Riften is given to the imperials). If there are justiciars walking around Skyrim, they know how to effectively get in the province, thus making this argument very weak.

Then he talks about the avalanches in the Pale Pass, what has made it difficult for the empire to protect Falkreath from the rebels. This is not only a great contradiction (because even with fewer imperial troops, the stormcloaks were unable to take Falkreath), but also really nonsense since the Pale Pass would not be the only option (or I must repeat what Tullius may say about The Rift in Season Unending?). The dumbest part of the paragraph I show he states that the Thalmor would be at disvantage due to Skyrim’s cold climate. If one makes a very superficial analizys about it, The Stormcloak Guy may look like he is right, but HELLO: has this guy ever heard about ENCHANTMENTS? The Altmer are naturally the best mages in Tamriel, so getting resist magic or at least resist cold enchantments for the Aldmeri army would be really easy.

Now we get to where the author talks about the possibility of a naval attack. Well, he is right about the fact that the Dominion can not attack Skyrim dirrectly from Alinor(what is actually true due to the distance between the provinces and due to how treacherous the Sea of Ghosts can be), but he commited the very same mistake in this statement: he talked about an attack directly from Alinor, while what the Thalmor actually want is to have the empire wekned so they can get more spots for na assault to Skyrim. If the empire loses the war, it will only have Cyrodiil (whose cities and even the White-Gold Tower are not fully restored due to the Empire’s effort to make the army strong enough to fight back), Morrowind (that is still damaged by the eruption of the Red Mountain and seems to be a bit unfriendly towards the Empire) and High Rock (that is small, so have a small amount of resources and soldiers). This will make the Empire weak enough for the Thalmor to attack and destroy it, or maybe even wait for the Empire to collapse (the same results can happen if the empire gets weakned enough trough the war). But in both ways the Thalmor will be able to found a new empire and it won’t be difficult to dominate the former imperial provinces.

After this, the Thalmor will be able to do a suprise attack to Hammerfell from High Rock (North), from Cyrodiil (South) and from the sea (West). Having in mind that back in the Great War the redguards were barely able to handle a single Aldmeri army, it would not be difficult for the Thalmor to dominate Hammerfell (even tough it would not be needed). Oh, and before a biased Stormcloak says that the redguards defeated the Dominion: The conflicts between the redguards and the dominion only ended with a PEACE TREATY and after the Thalmor left Hammerfell, the entire province became devasted and diminished EVEN IF THE THALMOR ONLY MANAGED TO INVADE IT’S SOUTHERN REGION, wich means the redguards were at the same level or even below the level of the Thalmor ((because a whole province was not able to fully take down an aldmeri army in FIVE years and even had a little help from the Bretons of High Rock, while THREE imperial armies were barely able to defeat Naarifin’s army). “But the Aldmeri Forces in Hammerfell were exausted when it happened” sure, but Hammerfell, altough independant, also became a devastated nation (as I said before). Without mentioning that the redguards fought that army to a standstill (without any progress) while the war was still goin on on most of southern Hammerfell, so the redguards definitely did NOT defeat the Dominion.

So there will be only one more province for the Thalmor to dominate: SKYRIM. The Thalmor will be able to do surprise attacks from almost every region (except from the sea and from the east if they did not attack Hammerfell), and having in mind that the Thalmor would have their superior magical knowledge and resources from almost every part of Tamriel at their side, the Stormcloaks would be at a great disvantage. Now we get to the cherry of the cake, that this time was something tht the author did NOT talk about: if the Thalmor managed to invade Skyrim, would the Stormcloaks be able to handle them? No, they wouldn’t, because (as I said in Part 1) the Stormcloaks SUCK on the battlefield. if one wants to make Skyrim militarily powerful, the army has to be organized, has no know how to use resources and know to make devent war strategies. And the Stormcloak army lacks all of these features: the soldiers of a single troop with a single objective are allowed to wear three very different types of helmet (some covering the faces, some not covering the faces) and use many different weapons (some use one handed weapons without a shield). Some weapons are better for certain situations, so a single troop should have at least similar equipment (this also shows that the Stormcloaks do not know how to use resources for the army). How can a troop be easily successful while being so unnorganized like this? And about the strategies: the Haafingar Stormcloak Camp is located between the Dragon Bridge (home to some of the Emperor’s personal body guards) and Solitude (the imperial capital in Skyrim), and is protected only by a small hill (and if you stand there you can see Solitude in the background). One can not be serious when saying that this is a good strategy (keeping wounded soldiers, making equipment and getting ready for battle right under the nose of the enemy). The Thalmor, at the other hand, are far more organized since they only use one handed weapons and Shields (and when they do not use Shields they Always use spells). With this said, I can say that Skyrim would not be able to effectively and that the Stormcloaks would be destroyed by the Thalmor if the empire loses the Civil War.
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