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Shit! She made efforts against abortion, what a cruel monsta! FUUUUUUCK! No one can be good and anti abortion at duh same time! DAMN Charch!

FUCKING SHIT! She had relations with right wing leaders such as... RONALD REAGAN WTF? WHAT A MONSTA!

And she REUSED NEEDLS when taking care of poor people! Wait what? She had no way of knowing exactly how many people she would not need to help and depending on the quantity she would be barely able to carry it around? FUCK THIS! SHE REUSED NEEDLS AND THIS MAKES HER A FAKING MONSTA LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

Just making fun of some shit headed people who use these nonsense reasons to call Mother Teresa a malevolent monster. Damn militants barely make decent ratiocinations and wanna refute everyone. Fucking pathetic.
Before anything I wanna make it clear that this is NOT intended to attack Trey or say that he is stupid or something like this. So :iconagentlemanscientist: I hope it helps you.

If you have been on the paleo community for quite a time, you surely know about Trey the Explainer. I have learned many things by watching his videos (and you certainly did as well). But as he said himself "We all commit mistakes" and since he tries to pay close attention from the Cambrian period to even famous criptids, we can simply not actually blame him for this. Heere are 5 of these mistakes.

5: JW's mosasaurus was Kaiju sized

Okay, not about a REAL creature, but still a mistake. Well, the idea of the mutated mosasaurus being kaiju sized comes from people that examined the scene where it eats a great white shark (and also comparing it to the woman standing). But take a closer look:… the ficticional animal is closer to the camera if compared to the woman, making it look bigger. Also it's skull seems to have the same lenght as a Pteranodon on the film, and that is about 2 meters (…) and this size about what the largest known Mosasaurus measures. I know: still too big for an average individual, but enoughto be a kaiju.

4: Yutyrannus is the proof that ADULT T. rexes had feathers

While I think that T. rex did have feathers, I simply can not say that yutyrannus proves it once and for all since 60 million years separated T. rex from Yutyrannus and this is more than enough for many mutations to happen, without mentioning that Yuty appeared "shortly" after Dilong disappeared, so to give more importance to yutyrannus does not make much sense. However we can already be sure that baby T. rexes had feathers because dilong and yutyrannus had feathers (stage 2 feathers first appeared in the middle of the Mesozoic Era. However modern baby birds have stage 2 feathers), so a scaly adult T. rex is already innacurate.

3: feathers cool down

Well, this is a misinterpretation of the paper about how Emus deal with the climate in the habitat they share with kangaroos (and kangaroos have fur so by comparing them one could get some ideas). A
s feathers are not made of living cells and thus can not make two complete opposite things (in this case: warm up and cool down). And as birds in colder climates usually have thicker and denser coats of feathers than the ones in warmer climates, feathers should warm up. This is also explained by physics: air can not simply pass trough feathers like if it was made of nothing, so coat of feathers (or fur) creates a "shield" against air molecules that is more efficient in denser coats. But there will always be some empty spaces between the feathers and the denser the coat, the smaller and rarer are these spaces. Thicker coats (bigger feathers) only puts more "levels" of small spaces for air to pass trough. All of these factors make it more difficult for air to pass trough a thick and dense coat (in other words: few molecules enter and few molecules exit, thus trapping heat). "So how can ostriches and emus survive on hot climates?" the same way as arabs and north africans survive in the desert: wooly clothes create a similar "shield" as dense coats of feathers, or fur, do. And as these coats efficiently trap air molecules that are in contact with the skin, it will also trap water molecules eliminated by the animal, and also prevent sunburning! And overheating is not a problem for these birds as they are not the biggest animals out there and have proportionally big air sacs (and the smaller the animal, the more effective air sacs and lungs with the same proportions get in eliminating heat) and are also very lighly built (even more heat elimination than heat production). This does not prevent T. rex from having a thinner coat on places that today belong to the US, while having a thicker one during the "canadian" winters.

2: Yutyrannus had pennaceous feathers on it's arms

Basically such information is nowhere to be found. In fact every (trustable) source that talks about Yutyrannus says that it only had dinofuzz (… "
Their feathers were simple filaments, more like the fuzzy down of a modern baby chick than the stiff plumes of an adult bird."… "These were not flight feathers or down that you might see on a modern bird, but simpler structures best described as dino-fuzz. This makes Yutyrannus the largest creature with observed plumage ever to have lived.")

1: T. rex would "create" the same amount of heat as a 1 ton mammal

Well, this one was firstly claimed by Andra Cau and it is used as a reason for the presence of feathers on T. rex. But the fact is that even with an extremely thick coat it would not work because since T. rex had 7-8 tons (and as volume increases rapidly) and should have had a kinda active lifestyle (as evidenced by the bite marks on T. rex skulls and healed bite marks on a hadrosaur, what shows it did hunt), creating the same amount of heat as a 1 ton mammal would just not be enough for it. And at last but not least: thanks to it's growth spurt (……) in order to be able to have such amazing growth spurt, it would have to create absolutely massive amounts of heat thanks to a fast methabolic rate. This does not mean it would overheat tough as:

1- the Hell Creek Formation (for example), while not the coolest place during the Maastrichtian, was also not hot as it had an average temperature of about 11 degrees Celcius (I can not find the paper about it, sorry);

2- T. rex could have realaxed on water to cool down. This behaviour is pretty common among living birds, actually.

I hope I helped. If you think I was wrong on any aspect, I will accept critiques as long as they are respectful.
Taken from jmichael0899

You comment below with the word: "Comment", and i'm gonna...

1. Tell you something I learned about you by looking at your dA page for 20 seconds.
2. Tell you a color you remind me of.
3. Tell you what element I believe you belong to (e.g. water, fire, air, etc.).
4. Tell you what animal you remind me of. 
5. Ask you a question, and you must answer. 
6. Tell you something I like about you or your art.
7. Give you a nickname.
8. Tell you what I'm watching/listening to right now.
9. Tell you what food/ flavor/smell you remind me of.
10. Tell you to do this in your journal too, if you haven't already.
I recently started to pay more attention to my tumblr account and I was looking foward to make posts refuting part of what is shown in "the Stormcloak Bible". Here is my first one dovahsaurusbrasiliensis.tumblr… I hope you like it.

After some few comments the brainless fool just wrote "i want to explain how wrong you are, but it seems its impossible seeing what nonsense you are writing. Dude, you need to read books of geoplitics. After that books of economy and history. They completely dumbed you down." but calm down: if you think that is where he blocked me you are wrong. More nonsense coming!

After this I commented about how he must have ran out of points to write this and asked him "what about books from capitalists?" The cyka repliued this:

"yeah, books by "capiltalists" are valid enough, basics are the same, all countries are in constant opposition, there are no "friends", there are no rules. Actually, british are the ones who first created such study as geopolitics, which is no surprise looking at their history. 

I've got some time now, though i feel sorry to spend it on you never the less. Lets start by the list where you wrong: 
- Lenin never really ruled the country, he by the help of german sponsors who naturally wanted problem within Russia since it was their opponent in WW1, Lenin orhestrated a revolution, became the chairman of people's commissariat board, and all the rest of time was busy with civil war, sorting out inner struggle for leadership and acquiring peace or neutrality both from germany and britain alliance antanta, creating comintern, but very soon got ill and left struggle for leadership.  
- Stalin... Errr... Some obscure plane? He PERSONALLY ordered to build it? Can you give me sources of his personal order? I mean usually some plane is not the top of topic when you talk about Stalin... Stalin wanted to hide problems? Ahem, do you even aware of what kind of Civil War was happening in Russia before that time? What kind of population was living in Russia? Stalin didn't give a damn about hiding anything, why would he? I could write a book about Stalin for you, but lets just say: He received agricultural Russia in complete ruin of WW1 and Civil War where backward population couldn't even read, no industry, no economy - NOTHING. And then he left Russia with nuclear weapon, advanced heavy industry, highly educated population, top technological advacements. After a few years of his death Russia built first ever Nuclear Power station in the whole World. First satellite in space, first cosmonaut in space, numerous military inventions etc. Russia became one of the TWO World Dominating Powers. There is absolutely no wonder or surprise why West hated and keeps hating him so much, as well as West now hates mr.Putin too. Brazil can only dream of such leader as Stalin, so far you only have complete chaos and corruption in your country, with all those drugs and street gangs. 

- USA never started a war? Ahem... You should google it and find the list of how many wars USA started and the long list of invaded countries. List of USA war crimes. Jihadists and its child  ISIL are an actual intimate creation of USA. Look up UNO drug report, where the size of drug production in Afghanistan sky rocketed since USA invasion and occupation. Afghanistan wasn't in the list of drug production countries, but after USA its leading it. USA also prohibits any Russian offerings to destroy gazillion drug fields in Afghanistan by numerous of excuses. USA practically protecting drug production in Afghanistan which goes straight to China, Russia and Europe, although western media doesn't like to talk about it. Drug money is one of the funding sources of isil, along with Quatar and Saudis money - who are usa allies       

- USA has no control over oil prices? Here I want to make huge facepalm. In short, just look up in the internet image of USA military bases all over the world and points of oil sources all over the world and compare them. 

- Close to North Korea chinese territories are miserable and dying by the thousands of hunger in china? You mean Beijing capital of China? Shenyang? Harbin? I'm confused here. Yeah shore zones are developed, cuz they are naturally highly populated, but I've been in North chinese cities, they are no less developed. There are few small free zones like Hong Kong, but its absolutely not all shore. Dude you learn before you say something. 

- North Korea is under heavy complete sanctions, absolute isolation initated by USA. On the contrary every year, NK asks to relieve all sanctions, everytime they get refusal. But they are standing very good despite all that, in compare with your democratic african countries that are being in a state of constant hell on earth, prospects of them individually building military industry, rockets, nuclear stations are all but null. Communistic NK is like advanced sci-fi country in compare with those african democratic states who are not even under any sanctions. Hell, even Brazil can't even start to build its own space programme or its own nuclear station made by themselves. Besides, due to Kim Uns recent reformations in agricultural sector, there is no more hunger in NK. And yes, famine in NK was provoked by USA sanctions. 

- You speak as if I'm communist. I repeat. I'm NOT communist, I'm of democratic views, but I'm not living in LaLaLand created by propaganda for stupid people who believe that Stalin personally strangled billion children and pregnant women."

As you can see he is the one who needs to learn many things (like: north korea being better than Brazil or a FUCKING PLANE being built in the USSR without Stalin knowing it, etc). After I replied this:

"Sorry, but if books from capitalists are valid, books from communists should not be valid as the means of one is the complete opposite of the other.

- Lenin was the head of the communist party. No matter if the country had conflicts at the time, he was the leader of the party that created the USSR, and thus was the leader of the country.

- Stalin was a ruthless dictator that executed generals at the first small sign of treason (proven by historical facts). If a plane was built without his permision shit would hit the fan in the USSR.

"Stalin wanted to hide problems? Ahem, do you even aware of what kind of Civil War was happening in Russia before that time? What kind of population was living in Russia? Stalin didn't give a damn about hiding anything, why would he?" because what was actually happening in his country was the complete opposite of what was said to other countries (and he did not prohibit the TUPOLEV Maxim Gorky from doing what it was made to do so he did want to hide many things). "He received agricultural Russia in complete ruin of WW1 and Civil War where backward population couldn't even read, no industry, no economy - NOTHING. And then he left Russia with nuclear weapon, advanced heavy industry, highly educated population, top technological advacements." but with the exact shitty living rates as it is proven by historical facts (and witnesses). He basically did what Tsar Nicholas II did: spend everything on the military and fuck the people (oh, and Russia did have industry and economy before the revolution. How else would people get angered about how they were treatedwhere they worked?)

"After a few years of his death Russia built first ever Nuclear Power station in the whole World." while the first nuclear bomb was created in the United States. Basically everything that you said about how the USSR was "advanced" during Stalin's regime is because he did not spend anything on his people... and I ask myself how did I forget this one: CONCENTRATION CAMPS. He sent his enemies to work as slaves and after these were shut down by Kruschev the soviet economy became diminished if compared to the one under Stalin's leadership. In other words: all those advances were thanks to the concentration camps, and he still did not care about his people.

With Stalin rulling Brazil this country would be the worst in the world. With such a corrupt and power hungry dictator brigging money to the military via concentration camps, Brazil woudl explode in caos.

- "Jihadists and its child  ISIL are an actual intimate creation of USA." this must be why the United States is fighting it. The group was actually born to oppose the american occupation of the country, but not created by americans. "Look up UNO drug report, where the size of drug production in Afghanistan sky rocketed since USA invasion and occupation." this does not mean the USA is responsible for this drug production. And maybe doing some research before shit commenting would be great:… “We’re not a drug task force. That’s not part of our mission."    “drugs are bad, but his orders were that drugs were not a priority of the U.S. military in Afghanistan.”

- The USA has such a great control over oil prices that the Middle East Countries made the oil barrel more expensive, without the opinion of the United States, and this led to a crisis in global economy. Before you shit comment again, maybe you should consider that military intervention may not need victory or full control over a country.

- This… is an image of China at night from space. Now I ask you: is there as much light in Hong Kong, Shangai and close to NK's border? No, there is not. And the situation is even worse in the countryside (where China is almost full communist). You should learn before shit commenting.

- If North Korea is only a mess because it is isolated, then you are saying that Free Market and Liberal Economy would save it, idiot. And it is not only the US that is isolating it as the north korean leaders are trying to make this isolation stronger each day (or they would not prevent their people fom watching foreign films and surfing the internet). And you are really a dumb shit if you think North korea is better than Brazil due to everything that can be found about it. First: you are excluding the fact that North Korea, just like Stalin's USSR, has concentration camps. Second: Kim Jong Un does not care about his people and puts everything on the military. Also if everything they say about their space program is true, I guess a north korean astronaut went to the sun and returned to Earth in a few hours (this is what they claim, you brainless cunt). Oh, and take a look at the amount of lights in NK from space at night. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ADVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANCED... while thrown in darkness. You are even dumber than I tought. Get educated (…) before shitting trough the wrong hole. And again: if the famine was caused by USA sanctions, then a liberal economy is what would save North Korea you dumb shit.

If you are not communist you are contradicting yourself, as you are protecting communist leaders and their decisions, while also blidly believing on any crap they said. And do not come with this proganda shit because this… is reasearch and fact, while this… is actual propaganda."

The jackass just replied this "OOOHHHMYGOOOOD! With every sentence you are killing me with your idiocy. Seriously, your every sentence calls for WTF?!!, spewing one galactic idiocy after another!
Giving some obscure quote of some obscure person: "drugs are bad" - and its somehow should change everything, WTF???

"I guess a north korean astronaut went to the sun and returned to Earth in a few hours this is what they claim" - since you said it, bring me the sources from NK themselves(otherwise I'll call you cocksucking liar), oh wait! You ARE a Cocksucker!… - basing your idiotic claims on satire gag websites and reddit haha. Here is another news for you then "Vladimir Putin kills Grizzly Bear with Bare Hands":… - hey its written on the internet then it must be TRUE! 

Then you show some space photo and it should prove something? OH Wait! DO you see that?!! In USA? Alyaska must be filled with COMMUNISM!!!! And North of Canada too!!! They don't have enough lights!!! Arctics and Antarctics are in complete COMMUNISM!!! Oh shiiiiiiiieee!!! Or does it tell about population density in shore areas? No it can't be, ITS COMMUNISM!!!!! 

 See how dumb you are? I feel like I'm getting dumber just talking to you. Just fuck off idiot."

Can you see how of a ridiculous faggot he is? Like: calling ME an idiot while he blocked me after just insulting me and not trying to give counter arguments to 90% of my comment? Okay but now let me "reply" his nonsense:

Hey moron: next time you try to refute an argument, better show the entire argument. The soldier said that, despite drugs being bad, THE US ARMY WAS NOT THERE TO DEAL WITH DRUGS. That is what was said, you half headed idiot.

"since you said it, bring me the sources from NK themselves" North Korea is the most isolated country in the world (for those that do not know). Thus if something is said about NK there IS a reason behind it. If you search "north korea claims to have sent a man to the sun" on Google, this… is what you get. However if you search for "putin kills bear" (…), "The Daily Currant" will be the ONLY source to claim that he did it by himself, with all the other saying that it was a siberian tiger he "dominated" (when actually he just tranquilized the animal).

I do not know if you ever managed to figure out that Alaska is cold. Too cold to be filled with human life... unlike Cuba (…), that is a TROPICAL island, and North Korea (…). Now compare North Korea with South Korea, faggot.

 See how dumb you are? I feel like I'm getting dumber just talking to you." says the brainless piece of trash that blocked me before I could show counter arguments (and that replied to a Godzilla sized comment with a tiny one, barely commenting about the aspects that I showed). And if this was not enough: I just showed how dumb YOU are (or must I remind you that you compared a State with an almost polar climate with a country that is very sunny during summer... when we were talking about lights by night?).

I will post this "reply" there. Lets see what the cyka has to say.

Ulfric's supporters keep crying about how the empire and the Thalmor are "working together, as allies". Well, lets see what two of the highest Thalmor authorities in Skyrim have to say about it:……

I hope you enjoy
Before anything I will say that I am not saying that he is a douchebag by saying this. I will just say why I think his explanation is weak.

The Isle's lead developer, Dondi, said why he thinks progression is needed the way it is by now (here:…). I must say that Dondi's reasons to justify progression the way it is right now fail in some aspects:
1. He could try to prevent players from KOSing by making you lose one tier if you die (having in mind how it may take a long time to get from a high tier dinosaur to a higher tier dinosaur, this would be better)
2. One may die from hunger of thirst, what many times has nothing to do with the skill of the player (it depends on luck most of the time)
3. With the prog plants thing many people were able to progress from Taco to Trike in less than 30 minutes. Shants were even seen KOSing around
Warning: if you are not into the lore of The Elder Scrolls, you may not understand a single word.

Those that saw my second deviation certainly realized how I admired Talos at the time, but yesterday I decided to search about Tiber's biography and today I kept ratiocinating about both versions of his biography (trying to consider all the possibilities) and having both versions in mind I came to the conclusion that he was eighter a bad person since he was a general or he allowed the wish to get even more powerful to control him and turned into a power hungry douchebag. Of couse this has nothing to do with the fact that he became a god (altough still inferior to the Aedra), but it is possible that he did this by mantling Lorkhan when he used the Numidium.

I may give more details pn a future deviation, but for now I will no longer get his blessings from his shrines and I won't wear his amulets. Instead I will give more attention to Mara (godess of love), Julianos (god of wisdom and logic) and Zenithar (god of work and commerce).
It is one... ugly motherfucker.
Tagged by :iconsnugglesthedinosaur:

1. Write the rules. (Or copy and paste them, whichever you prefer.)
2. Write 13 things about yourself. 
3. Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions.
4. Tag 13 deviants 
5. Make sure they know that they are tagged.
6. Don't say ''You're tagged if you read this".
7. It is forbidden not to tag anyone.
8. Tag backs are allowed. 
9. If you don't make this tag in a week, you need to obey a wish of the person who tags you.


I am wearing my school uniform while writting this

I recently managed to hold an adult male muscovy duck

I am at the city of São Paulo

I prefer to play on consoles

I LOVE papaya cream

I prefer home made cheeseburguers over fast food ones

I am next to my father (he is working on other computer) while I am writting this

I love animals

I find non avian dinosaurs specially interesting

I have Asperger's syndrome

I am not a big fan of the beat of the brazilian funk

I hate brazilian funk when it comes with porn or crime themes on it's lyrics

I like to hear some fight music of some video games


1: Do you think it's fun to imagine roaring dinosaurs?

Well, what is fun or not varies from person to person. For me it depends on the scenario. If it is supposed to be a Turok like scenario, then yes. If it is supposed to be an accurate representation of the wild animals that dinosaurs actually were (and are in the case of birds), then no (unless it has a reason to roar, like to threaten a rival).

2: Is fatness in dinosaurs beautiful?

For me it depends on the species. I would find a quite slender triceratops wierd, while a very fat theropod would most likely find it difficult to hunt.

3: Look at who else I tagged, who is the best artist of them?

I choose :icondontknowwhattodraw94: and :iconxstreamchaosofficial: since they put a lot (and I mean a lot) of details on their reconstructions. No offense to the other artists because what matters is to do your best on what you like to do.

4: What did you just recently eat?

Rice with chicken, ham and cheese.

5: What do you think is the heaviest object a pteranodon sized pterosaur could lift with its feet?

As far as I know the estimates for it's mass vary a lot, so I have no idea. Sorry.

6: What's stale meme plus 10?

I don't know.

7: Name a celebrity you like (or don't like) and find his/her spirit dinosaur.

James Hetfield. Spirit dinosaur: Tyrannosaurus rex

8: What is your spirit dinosaur?

According to this:… my spirit dinosaur is Tyrannosaurus rex (my favourite dinosaur YAY)

9: Do you want a Hippopotamus amphibius for Christmas?

Actually not... and if I wanted one and brought one to my house... well... my mother would have my hide.

10: Will only a Hippopotamus amphibius do amongst Crocodylus niloticus and Ceratotherium simum?

Nope. Loxodonta africana would certainly make these pee on the water.

11: What's the worst thing you've encountered on this splendid website we call home? Plz no links.

Some horribly innacurate dinosaur "reconstructions" that not only had, usually, one leg longer than the other, but also too slender theropods with innacurate heights and lenghts (like a 5 m tall and 12 m long Allosaurus fragilis and a 6 m tall and 14 m long T. rex), a "deinosuchus" that looks more like a greenish basilosaurus and a spinosaurus that looks like JP3's one... and that is 7 meters tall and 18 m long (being this innacurate would not be scary if it was not made THIS YEAR). All of these from a single user (some of you certainly know who I am talking about, but PLEASE: DO NOT MENTION THE USER ON THE COMMENTS)
12: What voice would you kill to have?

Ulfric Stormcloak's voice (but I would rather die than having Ulfric's way of acting and thinking)

13: Do you think Spinosaurus was bipedal or slithered about in the mud?

Thanks to what I say here Paleo stupidity: Supernatural Spinopotamus 2 by DovahkiinHU3BR I think it COULD be bipedal, but since it's legs were still kinda short and had a semi aquatic lifestyle, it would probably mostly move on land by slithering, only getting full bipedal when extremely necessary (like when having to protect itself or having to go to another lake/river).


1. Imperials or Stormcloaks (Skyrim players will understand)?

2. What is your favourite dinosaur?

3. Have you ever managed to hold an animal that was not fully domesticated?

4. What is your favourite creepypasta?

5. What do you love about your country?

6. What do you hate about your country?

7. Do you prefer burst fire or full auto?

8. Do you find resting theropods (any theropod, extinct or not) cute?

9. What is your favourite food/

10. What is your favourite animal?

11. When you play online videogames, you prefer to actually fight or just to mess around?

12. Have you ever wanted to punch someone?

13. What types of vines are the most funny for you?

I TAG :iconsrspinelli: :icontrilobitecannibal: :iconkallytoonsstudios: :iconsombraptor: :iconsekley: :iconnevert013: :icongeneralhelghast: :iconthedubstepaddict: :iconzerox-z21: :iconiguana-teteia: :iconlyzeofkiel: :iconjplover764: :iconfrank-lode:
Since the radical terrorists are the ones who shout "ALLAHU AKBAR" before exploding something, an Allahu Akbar vine can only make fun of a terrorist. So I am okay with that. What about you guys?
I just found the crappy The Isle moderator who banned me from the discussion for "not letting topic go" and "arguing with dev" (if you do not know everything that happened, take a look at this What do I keep saying? by DovahkiinHU3BR) and I decided to tell him some great truths about what happened. I wrote "Since you did not manage to realize this by yourself I will make it clear: remember that user you banned from "arguing with dev" since it was "necroposting"? Well, if you actually tried to get more information before acting you would know that <dev's name> did not explain jackshit and that everything he told me was "you realize I can simply not care about this?" (and yes: I am that user). Everything you should do was go to discord and look for our conversation (or at least <dev's name>'s quote), but instead you chose to protect your lord at any means necessary. Now anyone can see that banning for necroposting at those circunstances is unfair since I was banned for I month after <dev's name> lied (clearely to prevent me from protecting myself). And to put "arguing with dev" as one of the reasons show that you do not care about the players and that you are just one of <dev's name>'s drones as you simply said that I should shut up towards anything he does, what is the opposite of what a decent moderator would do."

Let's see if he will at least try to write a decent answer.

Observation: I wrote "<dev's name>" to hide the identity of the actual developer
My country may have lots, lots of problems (lots of criminals around, expert traffickers that rule most (if not all) brazilian shanty towns, lots of misery and hunger in the northeast, extremely dumb politicians (at least the great majority), etc), but if there are two things that make me happy of being born and raised in Brazil are the culture and the traditional foods (and also drinks). Now I want to show you 4 iconic brazilian food and 1 iconic brazilian drink (you can search of google for images and for the most complex recipes)

5. Caipirinha (drink)

One of the most iconic brazilian drinks that is already loved by many around the entire world. Since it contains alcohol I never tried it, but if you are old enough to try it, you can make it yourself. You will need any type of distilled alcoholic drink (such as vodka or whisky), sugar and a fruit (that is the best part since you can choose almost any fruit to put on your drink). I do not wanna give the details of how it is done, also because it may change depending on the fruit you want on your cairinha (observation: lemon is the classic fruit for caipirinha in Brazil), but you can easily find it on the internet, even on non brazilian sites (see how this drink is loved around the world?).

4. Rice and beans (food)

A classic one. It is a perfect meal since it contaisn both proteins and carbohydrates (but can also come with the company of any kind of meat, for example). If you like both rice and beans, but never tried both on the dame plate, trust me: you should.

3. Feijoada (food)

It's origin is directly connected to the slaves when Brazil was a portuguese colony. Their masters did not eat many "minor" parts of a pig's body (like the eras, paws and the tail), so they gave it to their slaves, that had black beans as one of their main sources of nutrients. So one day some slaves had the idea of mixing the pig body parts with the beans and the iconic feijoada was created. Since then it became one of the most traditional and iconic dishes of the brazilian cookery. If you like beans and pig meat you must eat feijoada.

2. Tapioca (food)

This one could be called "the brazilian taco" due to it's shape. It's "dough" can only be made from cassava flour because each "part" has to be "connected" when it's done (confused? Just search about the recipe and you will understand). But the best part is that you can choose the stuffing (ham, cheese, ham with cheese, banana, chocolate, banana with chololate, etc). Ah and you can also add salt or sugar to the "dough" to make it match with your stuffing.

1. Papaya Cream (food- dessert)

One of my favourite ones. It is delicious (if you like the ingredients), easy to make and also healthy. You will only need a random quantity of papaya (without the damn seeds, otherwise the dessert will have a bitter taste) and a random quantity of vanilla ice cream. You just have to mix them on a liquefier and (here is the best part) you have all the freedom to choose the quantity: you can put equal quantities of papaya and ice cream, put more papaya or more ice cream! After you mix them it is done and ready to be eaten. But beware: this dessert is made to be consumed as soon as it is done, because it's sweet taste is replaced with a bitter one over time. Also never, and I mean NEVER, eat it constantly because so ething really bad can happen in your large intestine. I can tell you that because I kept eating papaya cream every day formore than a week, and you must believe me when I say that you do not wanna know the details and you certainly do not wanna FEEL it.
Since the word "Dovahkiin" is on my ID, you may have found it strange when I replaced the HUE BR face with the iconic iron helmet with a HUE BR face with a dragonplate helmet.

Basically the reason is because the iron helmet, despite being the most iconic helmet in TES V, is ironnically one of the worst ones. It has a crappy armor rating (as it is the most basic form of heavy armor in the game), you can make one even if you lack the Steel Smithing perk, it can be found right in the beginning of the game (a clear sign of a "should be avoided" item) and, above all that, it does not benefit from Smithing perks (wich means that you can barely improve it). The dragonplate helmet, however, benefits from every smithing perk, needs level 100 in smithing to be crafted, has the second biggest armor rating of any helmet in the game (being beaten only by the Daedric helmet), has those cool dragon looking horns instead of the silly cow looking horns of the iron helmet and... well: it is made of actual dragon bones. What else must I say?
Roofed-reptile overhaul by ScottHartman who ever made The Isle's stegosaurus made a headshot with no scope then.
It has been a long time since I did not say anything about The Isle. In fact the few things that prevent me from deleting this game are the possibility of new skins for my XPS arts and the possibility of the return of sandbox (I mean: if the game does not die before that), but lets get to the point: prog plants are simply the worst feature in that game so far.

In theory everything is a sea of flowers, but things may change in practice. Sadly this is what happened to Dondi's "good idea" (it was actually a sugestion, but Dondi himself said this was a good idea): in theory you would not have to wait for hours to progress and the game would be easier and more enjoyable. In practice it is the complete f*cking opposite: this… says almost everything, but I wanna comment. A survival experience has to come with some realistic aspects (it would not be survival if a lone lion could wound an adult elephant to the point of it start to bleed quite a lot for some time, just like it is not survival if a small spinosaurid can wound a full grown a trike, at least to the point of bleeding, with it's weak jaws) and herbivores fighting over PLANTS is not realistic... and as you can see it almost ruins the survival experience of low tier herbivores because a herbivore usually survives by going into groups and herds to be protected from carnivores that are big if compared to the said herbivore, and to fight over plants (that are everywhere) is an absurd on a game like The Isle due to what is shown in that link (to kill your companions only to eat a specific type of plant and thus making you more vulnerable to carnivores is the opposite of survival).

And what only makes it worse: thanks to what I have read on Steam and also watched on youtube I know that the high tier herbs are overpowered in some aspects, and a lone high tier herb may easily kill one or more high tier carnivores at once... and with that prog plants thing one can progress from psitaco to triceratops on a bit less than an hour while it takes more than 5 hours to progress from a juvenile T. rex to an adult T. rex (and to make it even worse: from juvi rex to adult rex there is only one midle term dinosaur, the subadult rex. While from psitacoto Trike there are at least 2).
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