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Stormcloaks are often biased and show little knowledge about the lore (or they actually know about it and just refuse to accept the facts) and most rebels show a lack of observation skill, making superficial analysis about very complex things (sometimes more complex than they look). The Stormcloak bible is a great example of this (if not THE BEST example) and in these posts I plan to refute some (if not most) of the statements shown there (I do not plan to refute all points because I am not a know everything cunt. Of course somethings there may be true).

In the seventh part of this “bible” (…) the author talks about if the stormcloaks are wasting Skyrim’s resources or not, about if Ulfric was the true cause of the war and even about the Thalmor. Lets get started.

First of all he says that Ulfric was not the true cause of the war, what is already a COMPLETE nonsense because if Ulfric never challenged the High King, this damn war would have NEVER happened. I know, Torygg accepted it (as it is revealed by a dialogue with Sybille Stentor), but this does not change the fact that the one who wanted this duel was Ulfric, thus making him guilty for this war.

Now talking about the laws thing: Solitude was under IMPERIAL control, and by the imperial laws, the nords are allowed to follow their traditions IF such part of the tradition does not hurt anyone (that is why the nords are allowed to visit the Hall of the Dead, make war paints, have long hair and beards, worhip Shor, etc), so this already makes Ulfric’s action illegal. “But it not part of Skyrim’s laws” well this is the main problem with most stormcloaks: they do not distinguish law from tradition. Just because something is tradition it does not mean it should be a law (or that it would make sense to make it a law. Like forcing people to visit the Hall of the Dead would be just ridiculous). And being or not na actual law, such act is nonsense and savage as only the dumb brutes try to solve everything by using the sword. The art of ruling men (and also mer and beastfolk) is not just about battles and wars (that is also what dictatorships often do), it is more about debate and diplomacy, about trying to solve a problem without causing the deaths of many. All of this without mentioning that your physical abilities (and in this case magical abilities as well, since Ulfric used the Thum’m to unfairly kill Torygg) have absolutely nothing to do with your intelect and your efficiency in diplomacy.

Also take a closer look at this part: “Skyrim law allows the Jarls to challenge the king or queen of Skyrim to a duel, and if the King is slain, a moot is called and then a new king or queen is decided” by qyiting this, The Stormcloak Guy put na arrown in his own knee (again), because that is NOT what Ulfric did and/or what he is planning to do. Ulfric plans to take imperial controlled holds and replace the jarls with people that actually support him, but according to this “law”/tradition he should just TRY to call a moot to elect a new High King or High Queen, but he did not do it, did he? Well, this is just another evidence that Ulfric is purely driven by a lust for power.

About the issue of slavery in Morrowind: it is already known that the King of Morrowind declared slavery an illegal practice in the province by the last years of the Third Era (… “By 3E 433, it is mentioned that Helseth Hlaalu, the king of Morrowind, has outlawed slavery.[5]”), but it is also already known that the Great Houses of Morrowind usually disagree with each other and one or some of them may continue with a practice that other or others consider unnaceptable (just like House Telvanni did not accept siding with the nords and the argonians when the forces of Molag Bal tried to invade Tamriel as it is shown here:… “The rivalries between the Dunmer Great Houses have deep roots, and they are all important players in the politics of Morrowind. In fact, House Telvanni – they of the mushroom towers – are estranged from the other Houses at the time of ESO, and refused to join the Ebonheart Pact. (We’ll share more about them in the future, you can be sure.) Your characters will have opportunities to help (or hinder) all the other Great Houses of Morrowind, though formal adoption into their ranks won’t be part of the game at launch.”). All of this without mentioning that the Empire is against slavery, and due to this House Dres was radically against imperial activity in Morrowind (… you can see it at the very end of one of the paragraphs: “ House Dres is hostile to Imperial law and culture, and in particular opposed to any attempts to limit the institution of slavery.”) And at last but not least: I wonder what are his sources, having in mind that as I showed everything leads us to conclude that slavery is already illegal in Morrowind (and even if it is still practiced, the situation of Morrowind after the eruption of the red mountain would only make it difficult to find and arrest slave owners). What I said already refutes some other parts of his post.

Then he talks about the Thalmor (typical). Lets see what he says: “And if they did secede, the Thalmor would be removed from Skyrim altogether, and anyone that’s read my previous entries know that logistically, the Thalmor cannot invade Skyrim anyway, so the Empire do not in fact keep the Thalmor out, they are in fact the sole reason the Thalmor are there in the first place” right after reading this, anyone that is extremely well informed about the subject can make na epic facepalm, because he is basically acting like if a few small Thalmor troops roaming around and the whole Aldmeri Dominion (you know: the government, the army, the navy, etc) were the same thing (and if he did not mean this, then he should really improve how he express his ideas). The fact is that the empire is indeed trying to keep the Dominion AS A WHOLE out of Skyrim as it may be revealed by General Tullius: if one joins the legion, Tullius may say that the emperor refused to send reinforcements to Skyrim because he wanna make sure that the Aldmeri army does not invade Cyrodiil, and thus wanna make sure that the Aldmeri army does not invade Skyrim.

Without mentioning that saying that “Empire do not in fact keep the Thalmor out, they are in fact the sole reason the Thalmor are there in the first place” is na extremely nonsense and simplistic observation as I showed in previous posts, but I will show it again. Radical Stormcloaks like The Stormcloak Guy always ignore the fact that that the empire was absolutely in no shape to continue to fight after the BOTRR, as it is revealed by the book “The Great War” (…): “Although victorious, the Imperial armies were in no shape to continue the war. The entire remaining Imperial force was gathered in Cyrodiil, exhausted and decimated by the Battle of the Red Ring. Not a single legion had more than half its soldiers fit for duty. Two legions had been effectively annihilated, not counting the loss of the Eighth during the retreat from the Imperial City the previous year.” and all of this while Alinor (formely Summerset Isles, renamed by the Thalmor) was untouched by the imperials and had tons of resources after the sack of the Imperial City (also Notice that Naarifin’s army was the greatest Aldmeri army IN CYRODIIL, as the book reveals, so the Dominion had more powerful armies left). In that state, the empire’s chances of victory were 0% and only and ignorant (or a wilful ignorant) would think that signing the concordact was an actual betrayal, because there was no other choice (if they kept fighting, they would basically commit suicide and give the empire to the Thalmor for free). He also blames the empire due to this part of the book: “In 4E 174, the Thalmor leadership committed all available forces to the campaign in Cyrodiil, gambling on a decisive victory to end the war once and for all.” but he failed to realise that he was talking about a campaign before the Imperial City was sacked, before Alinor got tons of resources from the sack, before the imperial capital was nearly destroyed and before the imperial army was in no shape to fight. To defeat the empire at that time, such campaign would not be needed… and Titus Mede II knew that. But now I realized something: the Thalmor controlled the Imperial City from Second Seed (that is equivalent to May) of 4th Era 174 to Rain’s Hand (that is equivalent to April) of 4th Era 175. They basically controlled the city almost an entire year! How can someone think that all the forces gathered for the campaign were kept at the city if there were other captured cyrodiilic cities to “take care of”? The book states that Jonna’s army was attacked by aldmeri soldiers from Bravil to Skingrad (“Lord Naarifin was taken by surprise by Decianus’s assault, but Jonna’s troops faced bitter resistance as the Aldmeri counterattacked from Bravil and Skingrad. The heroic Nord legionnaires held firm, however, beating off the piecemeal Aldmeri attacks.”), but what about Leyawiin (that was taken by the Dominion in the very beggining of the war and is far away from Bravil)? All of this without mentioning that it would be nonsense to keep all the forces gathered for the assault to the capital in the already captured capital, as the Dominion already believed that the emperor would surrender without any battle (what obviously did not happen). With this said I now can conclude that it does not make sense for the Thalmor to have lost every single force that they used in the campaign during the BOTRR.

Then he talks about how the empire left Morrowind at it’s own during the Oblivion Crisis. *Sigh*, how many times will I have to refute Part 2?  If the empire was having trouble protecting Cyrodiil, how in the name of the Aedra would the imperials be able to protect Morrowind? The best chance Morrowind had was being helped by the empire AFTER Cyrodiil defeated Dagon’s forces, otherwise both provinces would be weak against the daedra at the time. And at the moment he citated Adril Arano he shot himself (AGAIN). How? Due to what he previously said about slavery in Morrowind: if there is really slavery being illegally practiced in Morrowind, and House Redoran supports it form some reason, the currently weakned empire would face difficulties trying to find the slaves and their owners in Morrowind.

Then he talks about how the Empire “abandoned” Hammerfell (*sigh*, this post is gonna be just na enhanced Part 2, but that is okay). I already explained this not only on part 2, but also previously in this post: the empire was so weakned by the end of the Great War that it could not even consider standing against the Dominion before rebuilding itself, so it basically had no other choice (unless you consider commiting suicide and giving the empire to the Dominion for free would be a choice). You see what I keep saying guys? The author made extremely superficial analyzis of what happened and due to this this bible brainwashed many Elder Scrolls fans trough the internet.

Then the author says “And yes I know they say they can’t because they’re watching their southern border, so their answer instead is to run Skyrim’s economy and resources into the ground to protect their own interests, at the cost of Nord lives and money with little or no sacrifices of their own?” well, maybe he is right in this aspect after all. I mean: despite letting the nords follow their tradition as long as this did not threaten anyone (visiting the Hall of the Dead, making war paints, having long hair and beards, letting the nords worhip Shor, etc), giving law and order to the province (the guards in imperial controlled cities are more organized than those in stormcloak controlled cities), decent water systems to every city, a great system of roads and etc… what has the empire done for Skyrim (basically nothing)? It seems that according to the logic of the Stormcloaks, simply being ruled by someone who does not share your culture is already opression.

About the dialogues: I already talked about them in Part 6 (dovahsaurusbrasiliensis.tumblr…) and showed that his observations about them are biased and nonsense. Also what he says here: “ If they really wanted to do what was best for the greater good and to defeat the elves, they’d have let the moot take its course, and unite with an independent Skyrim if Ulfric won, having an ally against the elves with full resources and a full army free of the casualties of a civil war because the Empire couldn’t let go of their source of free silver and bodies to protect themselves.” Does not make sense since Skyrim is the only province that keeps the empire on it’s feet (and in return the empire continues to give Skyrim a good infraestructure, good education, order, etc) as Morrowind is almost destroyed and hostile towards Cyrodiil and High Rock is a small province (thus providing few resources).

Now to end this post: I already showed that the empire is not wasting Skyrim’s resources as they need such resources not only to continue to make Skyrim a good place to live, but also to rebuild themselves for an eventual second war against the Dominion… and the empire is now forced to use part of these resources against a bunch of savage berserkers who do not even know some of the basic things about war strategies (as I explained in previous posts). That is right: if one wants to make Skyrim militarily powerful, the army has to be organized, has no know how to use resources and know to make devent war strategies. And the Stormcloak army lacks all of these features: the soldiers of a single troop with a single objective are allowed to wear three very different types of helmet (some covering the faces, some not covering the faces) and use many different weapons (some use one handed weapons without a shield). Some weapons are better for certain situations, so a single troop should have at least similar equipment (this also shows that the Stormcloaks do not know how to use resources for the army). How can a troop be easily successful while being so unnorganized like this? And about the strategies: the Haafingar Stormcloak Camp is located between the Dragon Bridge (home to some of the Emperor’s personal body guards) and Solitude (the imperial capital in Skyrim), and is protected only by a small hill (and if you stand there you can see Solitude in the background). One can not be serious when saying that this is a good strategy (keeping wounded soldiers, making equipment and getting ready for battle right under the nose of the enemy). So yeah: the stormcloaks are indeed wasting resources, as they barely know how to use them in the battlefield.

Well, the author already cried about this critique, saying that Tullius stuck in a stalemate with him until the dragonborn gets involved (and fuck the fact that this is just part of the game’s mechanics, to prevent any side from winning before the players joins one of them), saying that Rikke struggles to make Tullius take the rebels seriously (yet this is just a proof of what I said as a great imperial general would only underestimate his enemies if they were no match for the imperial legion if the legion decided to use everything it has), about how many rebels are former leggionaires (even tough they still not use the strategies the legion taught them) and also crying about the nords being the bulks of the empire (and fuck the fact that one can not win a war only with brute force, as strategy is also extremely important).
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